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Charged in a Court of Law? Learn How a Criminal Attorney Can Help.

Written By: - May• 23•16

There are many people charged in criminal courts on a daily basis. However, it does not necessarily mean that any charges lead to sentencing to serve jail terms. Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, one can get his total freedom if he can get a reliable criminal attorney to represent his case.
A felony is considered a more serious case committed and its sentence is serving two or more years in jail. These types of crime may include rape, child abuse, drug trafficking, murder, burglary, money laundering, gun possession among others. Sometimes the penalty can be what is termed as “Capital Punishment”, which is a death penalty. If you are facing charges, hiring a criminal lawyer in essential to winning your case.
A misdemeanor is considered a minor case before the law. The law breakers in this category of crime are often sentenced to serve a jail term of a year or less. The sentence can also be substituted with a fine. Such cases can include theft, vandalism, idling, prostitution among others.
Whichever the case you are charged for, you can get acquitted if your case is represented by experienced lawyers in Los Angeles. If you need the assistance of a criminal attorney, contact Kestenbaum Law Group – a reliable criminal attorney firm in Los Angeles.

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