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Written By: admin3 - Nov• 18•14

When parents are unable to decide on the custody of their child, the judge will make a custody decision which will take the best interests of the child into consideration. Unless it would pose harm to the child, most judges would rule in favour of shared custody. When it has been signed by the judge and filed with the clerk of the court, the child custody order is binding to the two parents. Family law provides that the custody order can only be altered if any or both of the parents can prove to the court that it is to the best child’s best interest to make such an alteration because of change in circumstances.

A Sacramento, CA child support attorney represents the best interests of the client. The Sacramento divorce lawyer deals firmly and aggressively with the opposition to enable you pursue your objectives. The attorney will guide you even through the toughest legal trials. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates offers the aggressiveness, negotiation skills and personalised attention required for your child custody case.

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