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motorcycle accident cases

Written By: - Nov• 08•18

Law Offices of Weber & Weber are a Glendale based personal injury law firm that are well experianced in motorcycle accident cases. 


Below is a list of the most common events and collisions involving the motorcycle as well as advice that will help you take the right steps after an accident on a motorcycle. The most common collision occurs between 2 vehicles (63.4%), 34.4% are collisions involving the motorcycle itself, 1.1% are collisions with a cyclist and also 1.1% is the pedestrian's deduction by a motorcyclist. In collisions in which two vehicles participated, 70% are collisions between a motorcyclist and a private car, the remaining 30% are collisions with lorries, jeeps, tractors and pick-up trailers pulling trailers. The most common types of accidents involving a motorcycle are: Collisions in traffic Collisions as a result of extorting priority accidents when overtaking Loss of control of the vehicle on the bend Collision and escape Human error An accident at races Collisions with animals Mechanical failures, such as failure of construction elements or electrical installations The main causes of such accidents: Loss of control when entering or leaving a bend, loss of overtaking control, curb or release, self-excited vibrations, braking. Unnoticed oncoming vehicles during overtaking Incorrect overtaking, e.g. several vehicles at once; overtaking when there is not enough space and overtaking in corners Incorrect leaving the sub-road or descending. Motorcycle accidents can be scary, but you don't have to go through it alone, contact Law Offices of Weber & Weber today.

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