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Written By: - Apr• 23•17

An unmarried father may not have the same visitation and child custody rights as a married Father. If you fathered a child and wish to have sole child custody, shared custody or visitation rights regarding that child your child custody case may be more complicated than if you were the mother.


If the father wants the right to play an active and constructive role in his child’s life, a child visitation lawyer will be needed to assist you in determining the best way for you to proceed. The unmarried father possibly does not even have an automatic right to custody of his child if the Mother dies


If the single dad’s name is not appearing on the birth certificate, he would have limited or no rights regarding a child. In this case, the urgency of a paternity action and DNA test cannot be overstated. There is the need for a family child custody expert immediately to help in this case.


The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates our family law attorneys in Sacramento will help you legally assert your rights as a father. Through effective representation in the family law courts, he or she will work to gain the right to a court-ordered DNA test, and then provide aggressive advocacy for your custody, support and visitation goals. Just because you are unmarried, or have not been listed as the legal father, you do still have rights.



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