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Steps Of Hiring A Law Firm For A Family Law Case

Written By: admin3 - Aug• 08•17

The first step for seeking divorce is to meet with a lawyer. A law firm that specializes in family law is skilled in helping with divorce, custody issues, child support, and all other issues related to family law. Many people are not sure what to expect when they make an appointment to The law firm for family law, but the hardest step is usually just making the phone call. The first meeting is usually just going to be a short consultation to discuss the case and make sure that the person would like to retain the lawyer for their purposes.

When meeting with a law firm, the important first step is to bring all the goals and objectives that are desired from the case. For a family law case, this could be goals that a person has about custody arrangements, a property that is owned by the couple, child support or alimony that is desired, and other details that are going to come up in the case. Knowing the objectives or goals early in the case will help a law firm know how to tailor their attempts to help reach these goals. A law firm needs to come up with a litigation strategy for each case, and it is going to be focused on goals that are made from the very start.

The next step in a family law case is to have all of the financial information organized and available. This means making sure that the pay stubs or earning statements can be found, bills that are paid each month, copies of ownership statements for houses and vehicles, and any expenses for children that are regularly paid.

After the goals have been laid out with a family law firm and a retainer fee paid, the law firm will start to work on the case. This means filing a petition for the dissolution of marriage which is a brief document that is filed with the court that says why divorce is happening or the fault that is being claimed for the divorce. This document is usually public record, so there are not too many personal details involved in it.

The discovery stage is the next step in the family law case. This is where all the financial records are looked at in detail and where values are assigned to all of the assets and debts. Then the items will have to be divided up, and both parties in the case will work to come to an agreement that they can both live with.

Following discovery, is the pretrial conference that happens with a Judge and is between the two lawyers in the case. And then the trial will follow afterward. The pretrial and the trial will only happen if both parties can not agree. The law firm that is hired will help with every step of the process.

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