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Written By: admin3 - Dec• 07•18

Did you have an accident as a truck driver? A truck accident lawyer in Houston. Are you the culprit yourself? Since the truck accident took place during working hours, this is an industrial accident and your employer or his insurance can be held liable. If you, as another road user, have been hit by a truck and the truck driver is responsible for this, it is also his employer who must be held liable. Always let yourself be well informed about your rights and obligations at Charles J. Argento & Associates in order to avoid unnecessarily high costs for your own account. Is a driver liable for personal injury in a truck accident Have you been hit by a truck? Then it is the fact of the accident who is liable. If the truck driver wrongly did not give priority, causing a rear-end collision with a car or other truck, the lorry driver is liable for the accident. If he has hit a cyclist or pedestrian, the liability is in all cases at least 50% with the truck driver. Since a truck driver almost always drives during working hours and with the employer’s equipment, a truck accident is in most cases regarded as an industrial accident. You can appeal to the employer of the truck driver and his industrial accident insurance for compensation. Personal injury in the case of a truck accident: Charles J. Argento & Associates are a personal injury law firm in Houston. If you have had an accident as a truck driver and someone else is responsible, you can hold this person liable. If another motor vehicle, for example, did not give priority, made a traffic error or acted culpably as a result of which the truck accident occurred, then the driver is liable for the accident and the personal injury. In that case, you must appeal to this person and his insurance for compensation. Cost items after a car accident for a law firm in Houston. After a truck accident, there is usually a lot of damage. The total personal injury caused by a truck accident can increase significantly due to damage to vehicles, personal belongings and personal injury caused by the accident. Possible future damage, for example, because you may or may not become partially incapacitated, is a cost item that can be very high quickly. But even with less serious injuries, you will be faced with personal injury and unexpected costs.

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