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Written By: - Jan• 24•19

Probate Litigation Lawyer in Roseville provides general, up-to-date and interactive information on probate procedures and disputed real estate. This website is intended to provide the browser with general, up-to-date and interactive information written by a lawyer whose practice is directed to probate procedures and controversial goods. The law firm uses knowledgeable techniques to successfully and efficiently represent your clients in disputes related to disputes with the relevant Estate Litigation Attorney in Roseville.


When disputes arise between the executor and the potential beneficiaries of a will, an experienced litigation lawyer from the Sterling Law Group of Roseville Probate Litigation determines the true intentions of the deceased and fulfills his or her last wishes. Roseville Probate Litigation works closely with relatives and potential estate heirs to resolve disputed property, bank accounts, personal property, and property disputes.


Their lawyers are committed to upholding the interests of their clients. The authenticity of a will is one of the most controversial matters in estate proceedings. If a will is not genuine and legitimate, the question arises as to the true intention of the deceased. If a will was coerced, unduly influenced or put under pressure, the court can not rely on the document to express the true intentions of the person given. Since this person can no longer speak for himself, the capable facilitator Roseville ProbateLitigation works with families, heirs, and descendants to determine how best to fulfill the deceased's last wishes. If the mediation fails, the lawyer for estate disputes will be faced with a fair solution. With a solid foundation in real estate law, every lawyer in his firm is well prepared for complex disputes related to the distribution of real estate.

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