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Written By: admin3 - Feb• 18•21

When your child has a child and you become a grandparent it is such a happy occasion. Many people just cannot wait to be a grandparent and spoil their little grandchildren. There can be some issues in Fort Mill when the grandparent is not able to see their grandchildren. It all becomes very complicated after a separation, divorce, or even if one of the parents of your grandchild passes away. If you have been denied visitation to your grandchild you do have some rights, which is why it is a good idea to call the Fort Mill family law firm, David W. Martin Law Group to discuss what your rights are exactly. Knowing your rights is the first step.

It is recognized that having a relationship between a child and their grandparents is very important. Factors do matter though, so how much of a relationship you had with your grandchild before all this will be brought up. When a court deems that it is necessary and beneficial for the relationship to continue then they will grant visitation. David W. Martin Law Group is a family law firm based in Fort Mill that has helped many grandparents get the visitation they deserve with their grandbabies. Grandparents’ rights are more than just visitation. If you believe that the parents of your grandchild are unfit to raise the child, you can even fight for custody. To do so you have to have adequate proof of the claims you are making, and hire the best Fort Mill grandparent’s rights attorney to help you. Having a skilled legal team behind you will be one of the most important factors.

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