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Getting Through Child Custody Trial During Divorce

Written By: admin3 - Apr• 28•17

Are you currently going through the process of filing for a divorce from your spouse, and are worried that you are going to have no choice but to fight a custody battle for your children? If so, then you are not alone. It is fairly common for spouses to disagree on the terms of custody of children upon deciding to get a divorce. Often, both parties wish to have full custody, though this is not a realistic possibility. For this reason, a custody battle ensues and often has to be taken to court to be settled and decided upon in front of a judge. Of course, if this ultimatum can be avoided, this will result in a lot less stress and troubles in the long run.

First of all, you will want to hire a divorce lawyer in Long Beach with experience in child custody cases to help you through the process. You should expect that your spouse is going to do the same. From there, you should expect to meet with your lawyer on a regular basis to discuss your expectations. Your lawyer will ask you what kind of custody you would like to reach an agreement upon, whether it be joint custody, full custody, or something in between. From there, your family lawyers will begin the process of doing everything in his or her power to make this happen.

You will most likely have to attend a few divorce hearings, where you and your lawyer will testify in front of a judge and make a case for why you deserve the custody over your spouse.However, with the right lawyer, it is possible for a father to be successful in obtaining majority custody if the mother can be proven to be unfit, negligent, or abusive. Just get help from the ,The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro.

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