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Written By: admin3 - Dec• 26•18

Child Custody and access rights are core areas of family law, which regulate the relationship of parents to underage children. Parental care includes caring for people as well as wealth. The right of access regulates visits and contacts between the parent and the minor child. Legal services in the area of ​​divorce and access rights. Lawyers at Law Office of Joyce Holcomb advise mothers and fathers on all family law matters relating to custody and access rights. Advice on all legal questions regarding underage children – rights, duties, possibilities Enforcement and defense against claims for custody and access rights claims, especially in case of separation and divorce Persons entitled to custody may determine the child’s interests and prevent others from having an adverse effect on the child. Parental care includes, but is not limited to, the upbringing and supervision (caring for people ) but also the occupation and administration of property ( welfare) and in general the judicial and extrajudicial representation of the child in all areas of life. Both custody and access rights are to be considered separately from any obligation to pay for child maintenance. Of course, however, there are also links for divorce in San Bernardino right of access. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb are a famliy law firm located in the San Bernardino area.

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