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Personal injury

Written By: admin3 - Jan• 06•16

Personal Injury refers to injury of the body or mental health as opposed to physical property. There are many legal remedies and defenses that one can use in civil lawsuits that have come about due to wrongful conduct. This is not like the criminal cases whereby the government is the accuser. This is a situation whereby the plaintiff seeks a reimbursement for actions done to him/her. Examples of such cases is when a neglegent driver causes injury to a person who is now living a life confined to the wheelchair. Once neglegence is determined, the personal injury claim must be met. The damages may range from emotional distress to loss of wages. Punitive damages may be invoced so as to discourage such an action from ever happening again. At Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC have years of experience in dealing with personal injury law suits. Please feel free to contact them for more information about this issue and let them be your legal beam during this trying process.

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