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what to do in case of a San Bernardino Domestic abuse case

Written By: admin3 - Feb• 20•19

Get in touch with an experienced domestic abuse defense attorney, if you have been accused and arrested on charges of assault against another member of your household. Domestic abuse is an offense that is taken extremely seriously. Laws and procedures have been written that now allow police agencies to track and locate individuals who have been charged with any misdemeanor or crime involving domestic abuse. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb is a family law firm located in San Bernardino.

Information related to your incident of domestic abuse can be requested by and released to agencies whose investigations can have profound effects upon your life. If you are aspiring to work in law enforcement, for instance, you may be denied employment because the courts have repealed your rights to own, possess or handle firearms. If you are seeking to start a family through adoption, you may be denied the privilege of receiving a child due to your record.

Depending upon the circumstances and details of your charges, you may even be denied the right to custody and/or visitation of your children. Dealing with the allegations of domestic abuse take skill and experience, and the results can save you and your family an immeasurable amount of hassle and money. If you have recently been released from the city or county jail on charges of domestic abuse, get in touch with an attorney as quickly as possible.

Speaking with a legal professional and discussing the details of the events leading up to your arrest can help you establish a viable strategy of defense to challenge the charges being brought against you. If you are facing charges of domestic abuse, get in touch with a San Bernardino domestic abuse lawyer who can help you prepare a solid domestic abuse defense.

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